Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thoughts on Omarosa? ... Like 45 Says, SAD!

8/12/2018 2:01 PM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks Omarosa's New Book on Trump is Sad


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is parroting what her boss says A LOT regarding Omarosa and her bombshell book -- and alleged recordings -- on President Trump ... any guesses?

We got the White House Press Secretary leaving Reagan International in D.C. Sunday where our camera guy asked what she made of the one-time Trump staffer and longtime loyalist peddling her new "explosive" and "jaw-dropping" publication, 'Unhinged,' about the Prez.

Sarah says Omarosa's showing her true colors in the wake of being fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly -- whom she recorded too btw -- and thinks it's simply a SAD! state of affairs.

Oh, and remember SHB was said to be getting extra security after getting kicked out of The Red Hen restaurant a few months back? Check out the muscle all around her ... it's true.