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Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks was born on December 4, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Tyra Lynne Banks. She is a producer and writer, known for The Tyra Banks Show (2005), Tropic Thunder (2008) and America's Next Top Model (2003).  See full bio on IMDb »

Tyra's Reject Takes Down Hot Dog on a Stick

Tyra's Reject
Takes Down Hot Dog on a Stick

Failed "Top Model" wannabeen Lisa D'Amato is bringing cameltoe back -- with a completely sloshed, yet surprisingly catchy, freestyle rap last night on the rooftop of Kress. Who knew she used to… READ MORE >

Kiss My Big Fat Wax Ass

My Big Fat Wax Ass

Madame Tussauds unveiled their next top model in DC today.Behold the waxen beauty of Tyra Banks. READ MORE >

- 3642 days ago
Tyra Gets Frenched

Gets Frenched

Tyra Banks and "America's Next Top Model" are the latest targets of the hilarious comedy of "Ab-Fab's" Saunders and French. They've adapted Miss Banks, given her 18-foot legs and a bit of an… READ MORE >

- 3921 days ago
Hottest Videos -- Week of 04/29

Hottest Videos
Week of 04/29

A wigged-out Britney Spears is back -- and doing what she does best -- lip-synching and shaking her ass. Spears performed a mini-concert at the House of Blues in L.A. on Friday, the only problem… READ MORE >

- 4067 days ago
Tyra Tips Ovah!

Tips Ovah!

It's always funny when pretty people fall over ... and Tyra Banks is no exception. While taping an upcoming segment for her talk show, with guests Hilary Duff and a porcupine, Banks leaped away… READ MORE >

- 4071 days ago
Britney to Pen Tell-All

To Pen Tell-All

A stint in rehab, a bitter divorce, a bizarre run-in with hair clippers -- Britney Spears' story has all the makings of a sensational novel. Those waiting to read about Britney's turbulent life in… READ MORE >

- 4074 days ago
Kat McPhee: 'Feel 'Em, Tyra, They're Real!'

Kat McPhee:
'Feel 'Em, Tyra, They're Real!'

The best way to get to second base with Katherine McPhee -- ask her to prove she's never had a boob job! After jiggling her rack for the audience at "The Tyra Banks Show," Tyra asked the stacked… READ MORE >

- 4138 days ago
Kiss Tyra's (Virtual) Fat Ass!

Tyra's (Virtual) Fat Ass!

At times, Tyra Banks appears to be in her own world on her daytime talk show -- and now you can be part of it! The talk diva is creating a new, virtual extension of "The Tyra Banks Show."Users of… READ MORE >

- 4143 days ago
Tyra Fried Over 'Porkchop' Shots

Fried Over 'Porkchop' Shots

Tyra Banks isn't fat ... she's fabulous! Ask her, she'll tell you. The supermodel-turned-talk diva is on a fat attack after websites posted unflattering vacation photos of her in a one-piece… READ MORE >

- 4162 days ago
Ripa Rips Aiken a New One: Don't Hush Me, Dork!

Rips Aiken a New One: Don't Hush Me, Dork!

Snippy Clay Aiken co-hosted Friday's "Live With Regis and Kelly," and Miss Ripa was clearly unhappy with the moptop Idol contestant's attitude. The road got rocky when they played a clip of Kelly… READ MORE >

- 4233 days ago
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