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Y.G. is an actor, known for We the Party (2012), Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012) and White Boy Rick (2018).  See full bio on IMDb »

YG Wasn't Drunk, He Just Wanted a New Seat, According to Rapper Slim 400

Booted Off Flight Over One Request ... Slim 400 Calls it BS!!!

YG was sober as a judge when a flight attendant claimed he was drunk and kicked him off a plane Monday night ... according to rapper Slim 400, who was also on the flight.  Slim, one of YG's… READ MORE >

YG Gets Kicked Off Plane for Being Drunk, He Claims Racism

YG to American Airlines
I Swear I'm NOT Drunk!!! Booted for Being Drunk

YG was flying high even before his flight left the gate ... at least according to American Airlines, which promptly kicked his allegedly drunken ass off the plane. YG boarded the LAX to JFK… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Madden 19 Puts Kaepernick's Name Back In Video Game Soundtrack

Madden 19
Kaepernick's Name Back In Soundtrack

EA Sports has fixed the Colin Kaepernick "mistake" -- removing the edit that scrubbed the QB's name from a song that's on the soundtrack for the Madden NFL 19 video game.  As we previously… READ MORE >

- 44 days ago
YG Says Madden CEO Called to Apologize Over Kaepernick Scandal

Madden CEO Called to Apologize Over Kaep Attack ... But Is Sorry Enough?

YG, whose song "Big Bank" triggered a fierce war that goes to the heart of civil rights and racial prejudice in America, says the Madden CEO called him to express regret over editing out Colin… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
Colin Kaepernick's Name Will Be Added Back to Madden 19 Soundtrack

Colin Kaepernick
Back in the (Video) Game ... Madden 19 Makers Issue Apology

Colin Kaepernick's name will be added back to the soundtrack on Madden 19 ... according to a statement by the video game's developers. According to EA, it was all an unfortunate misunderstanding.… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
YG is Pissed Kaepernick's Name Got Scrubbed from His Song on Madden 19

Colin Kaepernick
YG is Pissed at Madden 19 For Deleting QB's Name

YG is demanding answers from Madden and/or the NFL about why Colin Kaepernick's name was censored from his song ... because he sure as hell didn't approve it. Sources close to YG tell TMZ… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Pulled From Big Sean Verse on Madden 19 Soundtrack

Colin Kaepernick
Name Pulled From Big Sean Verse on Madden 19 Soundtrack

Colin Kaepernick won't be seen OR heard on the new Madden NFL 19 ... 'cause the free agent QB's name was pulled from a Big Sean verse on the game's soundtrack. The game doesn't officially drop… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
YG Donates $150k to Girl Code LA to Empower Young Women Pursuing Tech

Donates $150k to Girl Code LA ... 'I Respect the G Code!!!'

YG's putting his money where his mouth is -- he wants young girls of diverse backgrounds to have opportunities in the tech world, and he's writing a $150k check to make it happen. The Compton… READ MORE >

- 48 days ago
YG Open To Rap Collab With LeBron James, 'Hell Yeah!'

Open To Rap Collab With LeBron ... 'Hell Yeah!'

Movie stars ain't the only ones fallin' all over themselves to work with LeBron now that he's in Hollywood ... YG tells TMZ Sports he's absolutely open to a music collab with LBJ if the King… READ MORE >

- 64 days ago
YG Arrested and Charged with Felony Robbery in Vegas Casino

Arrested for Robbery ... In Vegas Casino

YG's facing a felony robbery charge for allegedly yanking a dude's chain off his neck and taking off with the diamond-laced pendant ... and we're told there's video evidence too. The rapper was… READ MORE >

- 69 days ago
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