Hollywood Divorce Secrets

4/17/2006 11:17 AM PDT

Hollywood Divorce Secrets

TMZ has been following five intriguing Hollywood divorces. One day an estranged celebrity couple is getting along; the next day it's an all-out war over custody, property or saving face. We have the inside track on the divorces that are making news -- Simpson vs. Lachey, Locklear vs. Sambora, Richards vs. Sheen, Baldwin vs. Basinger, and Schaech vs. Applegate.

Simpson vs, Lachey

Nick Lachey has Jessica Simpson over a barrel. A fight is brewing over money and Nick holds the trump card -- spousal support...Read More

Richards vs. Sheen

It's certainly one of the more volatile divorces in Hollywood. Some weeks, Charlie and Denise are at war; other times they're cordial. We're told they have just gone through a rough patch, but are now talking again. But it is an uneasy calm...Read More

Locklear vs. Sambora

The marriage officially fell apart last February, but there was a buzz since Christmas that there was trouble brewing. This divorce promises to go fairly smoothly, but there is one speed bump...Read More

Baldwin vs. Basinger

It's the divorce that will never end. Although a judge officially ended their marriage in 2002, the bitterness between them has reached epic proportions. We're told for the moment it's relatively peaceful, but there's an ominous caution...Read More

Schaech vs. Applegate

Everyone was rooting for this couple, but it wasn't meant to be. After four years of marriage, it was over. Sources tell TMZ that the marriage fell apart because of a "third person"...Read More