Paris and Leinart Light Up Sin City

5/4/2006 3:55 PM PDT

Paris and Leinart Light Up Sin City

TMZ has obtained the first video of Paris Hilton and Matt Leinart canoodling and partying in Las Vegas.

The pair were shot during a draft party for soon-to-be pro football star Leinart. And though they told 'EXTRA' they were just friends when they arrived at Vegas' Pure Nightclub, the pair later were seen dancing and kissing.

"The couple definitely looked like an item," a source inside the club told TMZ. "They flirted with each other, danced, drank and kissed in dark corners."

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'EXTRA' interviewed Paris and Leinart as they arrived separately to Leinart's draft party. Both parties deny dating each other on camera. Leinart claims the two are friends. Paris sticks to her story that she is single.