Jessica Simpson's Beat Up Beemer

9/18/2006 2:15 PM PDT

Jessica Simpson's Beat Up Beemer

TMZ's cameras were all over the place this weekend, running into a ton of celebs as they hit the streets of Hollywood.

We caught up with Miss Jessica Simpson as she exited out the back door of Hollywood hotspot Hyde. The blonde stunner created her usual chaotic scene, setting the paparazzi off into a flash bulb frenzy. Jessica, who was sitting in the driver seat, seems to have had a some car issues. Check out the serious dent on the side of her BMW and the rear view mirror, held together by tape.

Also out over the weekend funnyman Cheech Marin, Maroon 5, Oscar winner Three 6 Mafia, the talented Rosario Dawson, comedian Dane Cook, TMZ's favorite Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria (who showed up with Mario Lopez), Greasy Bear himself Brandon Davis and Jesse Metcalf, who was seen leaving dinner with a lady friend.

All this and much more in the weekend version of Star Catcher.