Hollywood is Halloween Central

10/31/2006 12:58 PM PST

Hollywood is Halloween Central

When it comes to getting in to costume, the stars really know how to dress up (or in some cases undress) for the occasion.

This Halloween, perhaps getting inspiration from her recent DUI arrest, Paris Hilton dressed as a cop - a naughty one of course. Jessica Biel channeled her inner pussycat doll and Jeremy Piven ditched his "Entourage" for his pimped out ensemble. All the while, Halloween or not, Hef's "Girls Next Door" do it Playboy style in their typical barely there outfits.

Check out TMZ's Haunted Halloween gallery to see what the stars are wearing to go trick or treating in.

If costumes aren't your thing... check out these ripped and raw celebs. Trust us- those ain't costumes.