Birkhead and Stern Reunite -- In Lawsuit

1/22/2009 4:54 PM PST

Birkhead and Stern Reunite -- In Lawsuit

Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead have just filed sworn declarations, expressing outrage at various accusations, including suggestions that Stern drugged Anna Nicole Smith.

Stern has sued Mark Speer, a former associate of Birkhead's former lawyer, Debra Opri. Stern claims Speer was funneling false info to Rita Cosby in her so-called tell-all book.

In Stern's declaration, he says Speer told a pack of lies.

- Item: Stern says he was not criminally involved in Daniel Smith's death.
- Item: Stern says he never drugged Anna Nicole
- Item: He says he never told Birkhead, "I will give you your baby, if you leave me as executor of Anna's estate."

Birkhead also filed a declaration in support of Stern, also taking issue with what Speer allegedly told Cosby.

- Item: Birkhead says he never told Bahamian cops Stern stole millions of bucks from Anna Nicole.
- Item: Birkhead denies he was on a "mission" to get Stern investigated for the death of Daniel.
- Item: Birkhead denies he and Stern horse-traded Dannielynn in return for Howard becoming executor.

BTW, in case you're wondering, the fight over J. Howard Marshall and who gets his money is still locked up in the courts, with no end in sight.