Billy Zane Cruiser Extraordinaire

3/14/2009 2:25 AM PDT

Billy Zane -- Cruiser Extraordinaire

You are about to learn something Billy Zane. In an unrelated matter, you are also about to learn about riding a bicycle while intoxicated.

We shot video of B.Z. leaving Villa last night in West Hollywood on his tricked-out bike -- little horn and all. Billy looks totally sober, but it got us thinking ... could a celeb, or you for that matter, dodge a DUI by jumping on a Schwinn rather than hopping in a BMW? The answer: Nope.

We checked with two police departments. In California, at least, there's actually a crime -- Driving Under the Influence on a Bicycle. It's a misdemeanor, cops can demand you take a field sobriety or blood alcohol test, and you can be arrested and jailed.

Still, it's a lot safer than driving a motor home ... wasted.