Michael Lohan Blows Into L.A. For Lindsay

9/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT

Michael Lohan Moves to L.A. for Lindsay Lohan

Michael Lohan has moved to Los Angeles so he and Lindsay Lohan can be one happy dysfunctional family again ... so Michael tells TMZ.

Michael says he moved from New York to L.A. yesterday ... largely to be near Lindsay.  He says he wants to be close to Lindsay while she goes through outpatient rehab and therapy.

Michael concedes Lindsay would rather get mauled by a bulldog than be around him ... but says as she becomes "clean and sober" that could change.

And Michael blames the wedge between him and Lindsay on Dina saying, "If wedges hadn't been put between us and people didn't use children as pawns, a lot of the problems suffered by children wouldn't happen."

Michael tells us he's working with a realtor to find an L.A. pad of his own.