Nick Cannon & Chelsea Handler in Twitter Fight

10/16/2010 8:15 AM PDT

Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler in Twitter Fight

Seeing Nick Cannon fight Chelsea Handler would be kind of awesome -- but that's not gonna happen ... so we're just going to have to settle for a good ol' fashioned Twitter fight.

It seems to have all began when Handler got wind of a Cannon upcoming comedy show ... which prompted her to tweet, "I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who's going to do the comedy?"

Cannon was not pleased, posted a few tweets expressing that, then got personal: "Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sex with the head of E! for her show. So when its canceled does he get residual p***y for the reruns?"

Cannon posted several other things since then (including some things about photo of her and 50 Cent), Handler mixed in a grape soda joke, and things have gone quiet for the time being.

Stay tuned ...

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