Charlie's 'Assistant' Mum on Being Bad Influence

2/1/2011 11:38 AM PST

Charlie Sheen's Assistant' Rick Calamaro -- Mum on Being Bad Influence

Charlie Sheen's assistant, Rick Calamaro, muzzled up when a photog asked him about a TMZ story yesterday -- that virtually everyone in Charlie's circle believes Rick is a bad influence on the actor.

Rick -- big in the L.A. nightclub scene -- used to party hard with Charlie back in the day. But as we first reported, Charlie brought Rick back into his life last summer -- as his "assistant." 

Rick was with Charlie at The Plaza Hotel during the now-famous Capri Anderson incident. He was in Las Vegas last month during Charlie's bender. And Rick was at Charlie's house last week when Charlie partied with the porn stars.

Rick, who says he doesn't like reading about himself, is being blamed by various people connected with "Two and a Half Men" for being a central negative force in Charlie's life.

But he likes chocolate milk.