TMZ Live: Which Jackson Will Testify in Murray Trial?

4/12/2011 7:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Which Jackson Will Testify in Murray Trial?

How the witness list is shaping up in Dr. Conrad Murray's upcoming trial ... and who from MJ's family will testify. Plus, do "Idol" judges regret saving Casey? And, can admitting your pleasure from all things TMZ get you bounced off a jury?

26 answers to your questions ... on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Halle Berry and Gabriel's custody battle -- all the latest.
(3:50) Follow Harvey on Twitter at @harveylevintmz for a chance to win some cool TMZ swag!
(4:40) The TMZ Bus Tour is the BEST TOUR EVER ... so check it out!
(6:00) The guys bitch and moan about gas prices ... and don't make ONE SINGLE fart joke.
(9:05) Will producers have to insure Lindsay Lohan for the Gotti flick? We interrupt Jason's lunch again to get the answer.
(13:45) Harvey was roasted on the show today ... again.
(18:00) Why can't Halle Berry keep a man? Max says it's because she's "insane."
(20:00) Twitter question time! Did the "Idol" judges use their save too soon? Will jurors be tossed in the Murray trial if they're TMZ junkies?
(24:30) Breaking news! "Idol" does NOT discriminate when it comes to seat location during the live shows.
(28:10) Were Rachel Uchitel's bikini make-out photos staged? Come on...
(32:10) Harvey gives Ryan hands-on hairstyle advice ... then whips out the scissors.