Oscar Nominated Director KILLED In Libya

4/20/2011 4:08 PM PDT

Oscar Nominated Director Tim Hetherington KILLED In Libya

UPDATE: The Hetherington family just sent a statement saying, "It is with great sadness we learned that our son and brother photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was killed today in Misrata, Libya by a rocket-propelled grenade. Tim will be remembered for his amazing images and Academy Award nominated documentary 'Restrepo' which he co-produced with his friend Sebastian Junger. Tim was in Libya to continue his ongoing multimedia project to highlight humanitarian issues during time of war and conflict. He will be forever missed."

Documentary filmmaker Tim Hetherington -- who was nominated for an Oscar for the Afghanistan war movie "Restrepo" -- was killed today while working on a project in Libya.

According to reports, three photogs who were working with Hetherington were also injured in a skirmish between rebels and government forces ... including one man who suffered a critical brain injury.

The group was reportedly hit by a rocket propelled grenade.

Hetherington was reportedly rushed to a hospital with extensive shrapnel wounds -- but he was already dead by the time he arrived.

Hetherington was 41-years-old.