TMZ Live -- The Argument Against Bud Selig

4/21/2011 3:20 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- The Argument Against Bud Selig

Why MLB commissioner Bud Selig may have stepped over the line in removing Frank McCourt from Dodgers' management ... plus, Lindsay Lohan's newest chance to escape her felony grand theft charge.

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(0:00) Rough day today in the TMZ -- but we forge on!
(1:00) Harvey dined with Ryan Seacrest last night -- and guess which new couple showed up to the restaurant?
(2:50) Did Bud Selig go too far by taking over the Dodgers?
(5:30) Harvey and Charles stuff their faces.
(10:10) When is Dax gonna join a boy band?
(13:00) Chad gets props for being an Angels fan.
(16:01) Time to learn everyone's porn name!
(18:30) Webcam question from UCSB's campus -- where Harvey went to school.
(24:30) Our webcam viewer RIPS Harvey. 
(26:02) Smart move -- Charles distances himself from Harvey's views on marriage.
(28:40) The Wheat Thins/Jaws camera.
(32:20) Harvey and Charles argue about their hairline ... and outfits.
(34:00) The snotty reporter video grosses everyone out.