TMZ Live -- Keeping Up with Harvey Levin

4/22/2011 6:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Keeping Up with Harvey Levin

Harvey's ADD is in full bloom -- from Lindsay, to Outliers, to Seacrest, to baseball, to the Beastie Boys and back to Lindsay, to ... well, you get it ...

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(0:00) Harvey's predictions for Lindsay Lohan's preliminary hearing -- he thinks the charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor (He was right).
(2:00) Emmet explains why Lindsay's "cleavage" was mentioned during the hearing.
(4:02) The latest on the Dodgers drama.
(5:30) Harvey and Max discuss their book of the week.
(8:25) Harvey performs his own Twitter lightning round!
(11:40) Webcam question about the Royal wedding -- which you can watch LIVE on our sister site at around 3 AM PT tomorrow.
(14:40) Harvey learns he should screen his Twitter before he reads them.
(15:50) How the value of stolen property affects a case.
(21:10) Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas' beautiful relationship.
(26:45) Dax just got a dog ... and it's destroying his place.
(28:30) Harvey believes judges bring their biases to court.
(31:30) GREAT QUESTION -- would Max rather be a vegan ... or celibate?
(34:20) The latest in the Lindsay case. See you all on Monday!