TMZ Live: The 3 Minutes Needed to Clear Dr. Murray

4/29/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: The 3 Minutes Needed to Clear Dr. Murray

Why a three minute argument may lead to Dr. Conrad Murray's acquittal in the death of Michael Jackson ... And, how Charlie Sheen's newest missive affects his case against Chuck Lorre and WB...

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(0:30) Harvey and Tyler went out on jet skis this week ... but it was rough riding.
(3:45) The bus for the TMZ Hollywood Tour has arrived ... and it's AWESOME! Harvey breaks down why you HAVE to go on it.
(10:02) Harvey grills Emmet again about Harvard ... but he still refuses to divulge anything.
(15:15) YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS -- Harvey gives his closing argument in defense of Dr. Conrad Murray ... and it's DAMN GOOD.
(18:10) The picture of the Royals we put up ... get over it. It's funny.
(20:10) Harvey says Jason would be great on CNN.
(22:50) Three lovely, highly entertaining ladies ask a webcam question about the tattoo controversy in "The Hangover 2."
(27:10) Harvey knows who should take on President Obama next election.
(30:45) Now introducing ... the TMZ Bus Tour guides!
(31:50) Please, NO MORE about Obama's birth certificate.
(34:11) Shevonne's thoughts on the Royal wedding ... and the funny photo we put up of it.
(37:23) GREAT ending to the show ... Jason pulls a FAST one on Harvey.