'Blow' Inspiration Targeted for TV Show Special

5/1/2011 7:45 AM PDT

'Blow' Inspiration Targeted for TV Show Special

George Jung -- Johnny Depp's real-life cocaine-dealing inspiration for the movie "Blow" -- is still locked up in prison ... but TMZ has learned Jung is in talks with a TV show interested in doing a special on his life behind bars.

Sources close to Jung tell TMZ ... producers from the National Geographic Channel show "Locked Up Abroad" have reached out to the infamous coke kingpin in the hopes of featuring him on a documentary-style special on his "experiences surrounding [Jung's] imprisonment and release."

We're told Jung -- who's still serving time in LaTuna Prison in Texas for drug smuggling -- was initially turned off by the idea ... but now, we're told, he's had a change of heart and wants to do it.

FYI -- "Locked Up" famously ran a similar movie-inspired episode last year -- featuring the real-life Henry Hill ... the guy who inspired "Goodfellas."

We're told Jung's business partners are slated to meet up with producers as soon as next week.

Calls to the production company have not been returned.