TMZ Live: Arnold & Maria -- What Went Wrong

5/10/2011 12:05 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Arnold & Maria -- What Went Wrong

What caused the Schwarzenegger/Shriver split after 25 years of marriage ... and why we're not surprised The Governator doesn't want it to end. Plus, Harvey's fashion intervention -- it's been a long time comin'...

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(0:00) Harvey is FED UP with everyone giving him crap about his clothes ... and being a vegetarian.
(1:30) Harvey and Charles have a TON of inside information about Maria and Arnold's split.
(4:45) Harvey breaks exclusive news about Lindsay Lohan's sentencing.
(8:05) Harvey has to take a call -- so he bails ... and Mike takes over.
(14:00) Twitter time! What does Charles think about the Mavs? How long does it take Mike to do his hair? Does Charles want Phil Jackson to coach the Knicks?
(16:30) Charles and Mike's opinion on the "Gotti" flick -- starring Lohan, Travolta, and Pacino.
(19:20) A TMZ Live first ... Jason is STUMPED by a legal question!
(31:15) Webcam question from Germany -- what does Mike think will happen in the Dr. Murray trial?
(47:10) Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi calls in to give Harvey some fashion tips ... and Harvey valiantly fights back! TMZ Live cares ... wear what makes you feel good, people!
(54:20) Harvey picks a random question to award a TMZ t-shirt -- and turns out ... it's THE PERFECT QUESTION!