TMZ Live -- M-Bone's Death: Social Media Murder?

5/16/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- M-Bone's Death: Social Media Murder?

The real story behind the slaying of Cali Swag District's M-Bone -- and a new look at his final tweets ... Plus, why we're ticked off at Rihanna...

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(0:00) Charles starts off with some tragic news -- M-bone from Cali Swag District was murdered last night.
(1:35) No shocker here -- the woman who gave Botox injections to her daughter has temporarily lost custody of the kid.
(2:15) Rihanna and Chris Brown are Twitter pals now ... and Harvey has a problem with it.
(6:40) BREAKING NEWS about M-bone ... the shooting may NOT have been a random act of violence. Mike and Evan have all the latest.
(12:40) Tyler and Nina chime in with more information on the events leading up to M-bone's death.
(17:00) The awesome TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour -- Harvey ran into DIDDY this weekend!!!
(18:30) Harvey's thoughts on the afterlife.
(21:00) Max has a strong connection to the "Swamp People."
(22:00) Trump bails on the presidency ... not surprising.
(33:00) Rick Springfield allegedly threatened cops during his arrest ... whoops.
(39:35) Would Harvey eat a steak for $20 million? What do you think?