TMZ Live: 'Matchmaker' Patti on Why Men Cheat

6/17/2011 11:35 AM PDT

TMZ Live: 'Matchmaker' Patti on Why Men Cheat

"Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger thinks Arnold's maid was actually in love with him and may have wanted to get pregnant.

Plus, it's time for Child Services to pay a visit to Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen.  

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

(3:00) Shady pics surface of Brooke Mueller -- has she fallen off the wagon? And the bigger question ... can she be trusted with the kids?
(5:45) Who's the lesser of two evils -- Charlie Sheen or Brooke Mueller?
(14:45) The biggest real estate deal in Los Angeles -- the sale of Candy Spelling's mansion -- was set up by ... Brandon Davis? What the hell?
(17:45) How Brandon got involved ... and what he's getting out of it.
(23:50) Mike connects the dots in the Davis/Spelling/Ecclestone/Hilton sale ... VERY interesting stuff.
(26:00) The Davis family ... not as rich as everyone thinks ... but still rich.
(33:00) For the LAST TIME ... Harvey's fish Rib-eye has a NICE HOME.
(38:50) Patti Stanger from "Millionaire Matchmaker" has an AWESOME point of view on the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal.
(42:15) Hilarious -- Patti says Arnold hooking up with the maid was just like "sticking it in a light socket."
(43:45) Why Patti thinks Anthony Weiner's actions were disgustingly arrogant ... as well as why Eliot Spitzer's scandal was worse.