Haunted 'Idol' House -- SOLD for $11.2 Million

7/26/2011 2:00 AM PDT

Haunted 'Idol' House -- SOLD for $11.2 Million

The 15k sq. foot hotbed of paranormal activity where the kids from "American Idol" lived last season has a brand new owner -- a baby toy mogul who plunked down $11.2 mil on the L.A. mansion!

The "Idol" gang FREAKED OUT when a series of crazy "coincidences" occurred in the Bev Hills mansion back in March ... including a spooky spider infestation, flickering lights and one of the wannabes SWORE they saw a white sheet come to life and float down the stairs.

But now, the house has officially sold to a guy named Steven B. Dunn -- the guy who started a baby product company called Munchkin, Inc. ... which posted more than $100 mil in sales in 2008.

The house -- 9 beds, 9 baths, giant pool, marble all over the place and a motor court with enough room to park 100 cars -- was originally on the market for $12 mil ... so it appears Dunn got himself quite a deal.

Ya know ... except for the GHOSTS!!!!!!!