[Not] Neil Young ... Listens to Snoop Dogg????

7/26/2011 7:15 AM PDT

[Not] Neil Young ... Listens to Snoop Dogg????

TMZ MISTAKE! Soooooo ... it's Dwight Yoakam. Our bad.

Music icon Neil Young Dwight Yoakam admits he isn't the biggest fan of hip-hop music ... but when he IS in the mood for some rap, Dwight claims he loves himself some BIG SNOOP DOGG!!

Young Yoakam was on his way into the Maroon 5 concert in L.A. last night when we asked what he has on his iPod.

After dropping a few names, we asked if he ever listens to rap ... and he explained, "I never listen to much rap other than what everybody knows about ... Snoop Dogg is good."

Fo sheezy.

UPDATE: The person who wrote this post has issued a formal apology.