TMZ Live Bill Clinton I'm a Full-Blown Vegan Now!

8/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Bill Clinton Gives Up Meat, Becomes a Vegan

Bill Clinton dives headfirst into veganism -- but Bubba beware ... we explain why eating just "the vegetables" isn't enough sometimes. Plus, why the investigation into Casey Anthony's lawyer is "insane" ... according to Harvey and Jason.

And ... we got Octomom on the horn to talk about her swimming pool war with the city -- and can she ever talk ... and talk, and talk, and... 

(4:30) Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez is being investigated ... for a reason Harvey and Jason think is "insane ."
(6:50) Charles throws a hissy fit.
(18:40) Charles admits ... his opinion has been swayed.
(21:00) Brace yourselves -- Octomom is on the phone to explain the drama surrounding her swimming pool situation.
(22:00) *Sigh*
(24:30) Ryan attempts to talk to Octomom. Fail.
(27:10) Finally, an end to the longest 6 minutes in TMZ Live history.
(32:15) Multiple updates on Russell Armstrong's suicide.
(36:30) Bill Clinton is vegan now? THE Bill Clinton? Yep. So chew on this: The pros and cons of 86'ing meat from your diet.
(39:00) Jonny's diet is "straight meat."
(45:10) Video of a GNARLY basketball brawl.