TMZ Live Will Smith & Marc Anthony Real BFFs ... or Just PR Pals?

9/13/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live 9/13/11 -- Will Smith and Marc Anthony at the Miami Dolphins Game ... PR Move?

Will Smith and Marc Anthony all smiles at the Dolphins game -- just two weeks after rumors swirled that Marc hooked up with Will's wife. So, was it a genuine bro-out ... a grin-and-bear-it PR move ... or a little bit of both?

Plus, Manny Ramirez gets arrested for domestic violence ... then pulls the dumbest move EVER while leaving jail. And, Casey Anthony's attorney takes on a new case ... defending the suspect in an Aruba murder mystery.

(3:30) Manny Ramirez is arrested for domestic violence -- and when he's released from jail ... he pulls the dumbest move ever .
(6:01) What happened to Manny's baseball career?
(11:10) Judges watch TMZ too ... so behave.
(16:01) A restaurant in NY is being sued for discrimination -- for allegedly adding gratuity to southeast Asian customers ... because they supposedly never tip.
(19:10) The suing side's attorney calls in.
(27:10) The restaurant manager is on the phone.
(35:05) Marc Anthony -- wearing a wedding ring?
(36:03) Breaking news -- Casey Anthony's lawyer is hired by a man allegedly involved in a woman's disappearance in Aruba.
(40:30) Will Smith and Marc Anthony -- BFFs .... or PR pals?
(47:01) Crazy caller theory: Will and Marc are hooking up.