TMZ Live Harvey Attacks Michaele Sports Star Attacks Harvey

9/15/2011 10:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/15/11: TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Michaele; Sports Star Attacks Harvey

Tareq Salahi is telling the truth --- that he had no idea his wife was banging the lead guitarist from Journey. And Harvey knows some shocking things about how Michaele humiliated her hubby.

A former sports star who now manages the money athletes make goes after Harvey in a big way, after Levin rips into the NFL for not schooling players on avoiding the financial meltdown most recently experienced by Chris McAlister.

(5:32) Michaele Salahi has been banging the dude from Journey ... and everyone actually feels bad for Tareq.
(8:30) The good thing about the Salahi story -- Harvey finds them interesting again.
(9:20) You won't believe what we're publishing tomorrow morning.
(19:01) Ex-NFLer Chris McAlister claims he's broke -- despite signing a $55 million contract in 2004. Evan has the details.
(33:01) Ex-NBA player Adam Keefe -- who now manages athlete's assets -- calls in to explain why some pros go broke.
(35:40) Anna Farris' divorce ignites the argument -- can marriages survive if ONE person is really successful ... and the other isn't?
(43:30) The latest on Scarlett Johansson's nude pic case.
(45:10) 'The Simpsons' co-founder sues Pinkberry.
(48:00) SpongeBob gets his ass kicked!