TMZ Live MJ Secrets EXPOSED In Shocking Audio Recording

10/5/2011 3:32 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray's Audio Recording -- Exposing Michael Jackson's Secrets

Michael Jacksons' trademark high-pitched voice was all AN ACT ... at least that's what Harvey believes after listening to shocking new audio of the drugged up singer, which was recorded on Dr. Murray's iPhone.

Also, David Cassidy explains why it's taken him 37 years to sue over Partridge Family royalties ... plus MTV's Johnny Bananas has beef with a cartoon monkey ... and they both call in to explain their wild lawsuits. Plus, money can't buy happiness -- but it CAN buy Kim Kardashian another ridiculously expensive car.

(0:00) Why did Conrad Murray record a drugged up Michael Jackson? Harvey thinks it was simply a keepsake.
(3:20) We play a snippet of the disturbing recording.
(6:01) Did Michael actually have a LOW voice? Harvey thinks "Michael Jackson" was just an act.
(12:30) After hearing the audio recording ... do you think MJ could've accidentally killed himself while in that state?
(18:30) Kim Kardashian buys ANOTHER ridiculously expensive car -- is she just rubbing her money in our faces?
(26:02) Harvey's take on how money can't buy happiness.
(33:30) David Cassidy thinks Sony has been screwing him out of profits -- for 37 years! He calls in to explain why it took so long to sue.
(44:45) Johnny Bananas is suing HBO for using his name -- and he dukes it out with our attorney Jason over the merits of the lawsuit.