Jose Baez Barbara & I Talked Power Play

10/17/2011 1:45 PM PDT

Jose Baez: Barbara Walters & I Talked Power Play

Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez tells TMZ, he didn't meet with Barbara Walters to discuss a possible Casey interview -- he and Babs simply got together to chew over a new Broadway play.

You'll recall ... TMZ posted a video this morning of Jose and Barbara leaving a Manhattan restaurant last night -- with Walters bristling at Jose's attempt at a PDA.

Seemed pretty obvious Barbara was trying to butter Jose up to score the first interview with Casey Anthony -- but Jose tells us, “Last night was not about [Casey], we were all discussing the play (Man and Boy). Frank Langella was captivating!”

Jose and Barbara did see the play together -- but do we honestly think Barbara squandered her precious time to discuss it? Frankly ... no way, Jose.