The Hills Lawsuit Sexual Misconduct Rampant Drug Use Alleged

10/18/2011 12:15 PM PDT

The Hills -- Staffer Sues, Alleges Sexual Misconduct, Rampant Drug Use

A production coordinator for "The Hills" claims she was unmercifully harassed sexually by a male staffer during the filming of the Costa Rica episode, and even "pressured" to smoke pot ... this according to a new lawsuit.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Eliza Sproul alleges Andres (she doesn't give a last name) -- a Costa Rican local -- was hired by MTV to do grunt work.  She says while they were driving together in 2010, she realized something was up when he took his shirt off and began making sexual advances, including comments such as, "I love your freckles.  I like your eyes.  Let's just take off."

A while later, Eliza says Andres drove her into the forest and "pressured" her to smoke marijuana.  We hate it when that happens.

Eliza has lots of other gripes, including:

-- She had to drive male cast members to a shoot and they were drunk and made crude and offensive jokes
-- She was forced to work insanely long hours
-- She had a meltdown and was abandoned in a hospital.
-- It got so bad doctors gave her Valium.

Sounds like a great trip to Costa Rica.

A rep for MTV declined to comment.