TMZ Live Mark Wahlberg's Apology ... Forgive and Forget?

1/18/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Mark Wahlberg's 9/11 Remarks ... Forgive and Forget?

Mark Wahlberg made a really stupid move -- saying he could've been a hero on 9/11 -- and a really smart one ... apologizing for the 9/11 comment. Should he be forgiven after the mea culpa ... or were his words just  too offensive? Major disagreement in the news room.

Plus, new mom Selma Blair gets us thinking ... do strange celebrity baby names (we're talking to you, Apple Martin) only work for cute celeb babies? We'll explore the winners ... and a few losers.

(0:00) Mark Wahlberg's shocking statements about 9/11 -- as bad as they seem ... or taken out of context?
(3:15) Finally -- a celebrity apologizes for something!
(4:15) Slade is furious -- he says Mark's comments were the "stupidest" thing he's ever heard a celebrity say.
(17:31) Anthony Bourdain rips Paula Deen on Twitter for hawking diabetes medicine -- Gary calls the tweet a work of genius.
(22:10) If there's one thing our staffers love to argue about ... it's food ... greasy, awful, delicious food.
(36:01) Breaking news! We posted the first photo of the model who was injured by a plane propeller ... and she looks great.
(37:00) Selma Blair says good looking kids get a pass if they have a weird name -- so we put it to the test.
(46:00) A TMZ first -- we were offered a picture of the severed human head found near the Hollywood sign.