Donald Trump I Would GLADLY Join Mitt Romney's Cabinet

2/2/2012 2:35 PM PST

Donald Trump -- I Would GLADLY Join Mitt Romney's Presidential Cabinet

Donald Trump says... if Mitt Romney offered him a position in the President's cabinet, he would take the gig in a heartbeat ... and would do a MUCH better job than the "clowns" currently in place.

Right after Trump endorsed Romney for the Republican nomination earlier today, The Donald called in to TMZ Live ... and Harvey asked if he would consider switching professions to work for the President of the United States if Romney was elected.

Trump replied, "I love what I do ... I love the real estate business, I love building things ... but I love the country even more ... if i can do anything to help, whether it's [under] Mitt Romney or anybody else ... I would love to do it ... if it's good for the country."

Trump added, "I will say this ... I'd rather have me negotiating against China, against OPEC and against lots of other people that are laughing at how stupid we are ... I would  rather have me negotiating for us than the clowns that are negotiating right now."