TMZ Live Sasha Grey Porn Money Too Dirty for Charity?

2/7/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: Sasha Grey Porn Money -- Too Dirty for Charity?

Sasha Grey's new, umm ... film -- "Anal Artists" -- could benefit The National Education Association, but the group is rejecting a donation from producers. Does it matter where the money comes from ... and if so, is porn THAT bad?

Plus, after Prop 8's latest defeat -- where will the U.S. Supreme Court fall on same-sex marriage ... and which Justice holds the swing vote? We get a bold prediction from a SUPCO expert.

And, "CSI" creator Anthony Zuiker's estranged wife makes ugly accusations ... and whips a TMZ staffer into a rage!

(1:12) Bieber's bodyguard fights a photog at LAX -- but the real question ... is that dude the best Biebs can do?
(2:40) Breaking news -- Evan debunks the rumors that Demi Moore is in rehab at Cirque Lodge.
(10:30) California's ban on same-sex marriage is overturned -- we talk to one of leading constitutional law experts in the country -- Erwin Chemerinsky -- to see what will happen if it goes to the Supreme Court.
(13:00) Erwin's Supreme Court swing vote.
(19:01) Flo Rida is sued by his assistant over wages -- should someone in the position just be thankful for the opportunity?
(28:00) The NEA says no thank you to anal porn money -- time for Harvey to crack some dirty innuendo.
(34:01) David Beckham is red carded at a kid's game -- and suddenly Ryan is the voice of reason.
(39:40) One of the dumbest arrests EVER.
(44:07) Evan unloads on "CSI" creator's soon-to-be ex.