TMZ Live NFL Insider Jay Glazer ... 'Get Those Millions, Matt Lauer!!'

2/10/2012 11:29 AM PST

TMZ Live: NFL Insider Jay Glazer -- Matt Lauer's Millions Are Awesome!!

Matt Lauer could score $30 million per year with a new "Today" contract -- and crazy as it sounds ... that might be a bargain! Our guest co-host Jay Glazer from FOX NFL Sunday explains why Matt's payday could be good news for everyone.

Also, Jay's got a theory behind that cozy pic of NY Giants star Ahmad Bradshaw with Angelina from "Jersey Shore." Hint: Angelina ain't gonna like it.

Plus, the most hilarious/horrifying video of a father SHOOTING his daughter's computer -- just because she badmouthed him on Facebook!

(0:00) Jay Glazer channels his inner Lisa Lampanelli ... and hits Charles with an insult right off the bat.
(2:50) Matt Lauer wants $30 million a year to do "Today" -- Jay explains why a raise would benefit everyone in TV.
(10:00) US snipers pose in front of a flag resembling the Nazi SS symbol -- then play dumb about it.
(14:12) Angelina insinuates she's knocking boots with Ahmad Bradshaw -- can't he do better? 
(21:01) Snooki and JWOWW -- they aren't Jersey City's biggest problem ... and Jay would know.
(23:04) NY Giants star Victor Cruz wants more money -- but Jay says he's gonna have to wait one more year.
(28:10) Kate Upton, in all her bouncing glory.
(32:01) Ryan rips a caller for hating on the story about Ne-Yo's lady adopting 48 kids.
(36:00) The craziest, funniest video you'll see -- a dad shoots his daughter's computer over a Facebook message.