T-Boz Accused of Being a Scrub in Bankruptcy Case

2/11/2012 5:00 AM PST

T-Boz -- Accused of Being a Scrub in Bankruptcy Case

The judge in T-Boz' bankruptcy case has turned his back on the ex-TLC singer -- refusing to provide ANY protection against her army of creditors ... but according to court docs, it's the singer's own fault.

TMZ broke the story ... T-Boz filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in October -- claiming she owed $768,642.99 to multiple creditors -- but last week, the judge kicked her out of bankruptcy court.

According to the court docs, the case was dismissed because T-Boz -- real name Tionne Watkins -- completely dropped the ball dealing with her affairs, failing to make any attempts to pay off her debts, appear at a creditors' meeting, or ... not be a scrub in general.

As a result, the judge ended the bankruptcy case – giving T-Boz’ creditors free reign to go after her whatever assets she has.

The creditors are free to pursue T-Boz until the singer files for bankruptcy again -- but she can't re-file til the end of July ... 180 days after the original case was dismissed.

Calls to T-Boz' reps were not returned.