TMZ Live NASCAR Explosion Great Ratings, But Too Risky?

2/28/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: NASCAR Explosion -- Great for Ratings, But Too Dangerous??

The Daytona 500 came to a screeching halt after a massive jet fuel explosion ... that would have been even more spectacular -- if there was a decent shot of the wreck! What went wrong on TV ... and what did the NASCAR drivers ON the track think? One of 'em joins us, y'all.

Plus, Harvey's favorite person in the world ... Gladys Knight ... calls in to tell us what she REALLY thinks about her new "Dancing with the Stars" partner Tristan MacManus -- and Nancy Grace.

Also, shaving your foot bones just to fit into a pair of Jimmy Choos sounds like the dumbest idea ever -- but people actually do it, and guess which shoe hoarder here at TMZ wants it too?

(0:45) The great Gladys Knight is back! She hated not spilling the beans about "Dancing" last time.
(3:35) Gladys is stoked over her new "Dancing" partner ... minus the fact he was Nancy Grace's partner last season.
(10:30) NASCAR driver Dave Blaney calls in -- he explains how last night's explosive wreck may have cost him millions.
(16:00) Evan is baffled -- how was there not a camera in place to catch the explosion from close-up?
(20:30) Kelsey and Camille Grammer's divorce ended ... amicably!?! This can't be true.
(27:00) Anna scares the crap out of Harvey -- she says shaving bones in your feet to fit into Jimmy Choo shoes is a genius idea.
(29:15) The amount of shoes Anna owns FLOORS Charles.
(36:20) Herman Cain ... and the curious case of Jennifer Lopez's possible nip slip.
(40:30) Major Zumba awkwardness behind the scenes at TMZ.