Brooke Mueller Judge Signs Off On Sweet Plea Deal

3/19/2012 9:27 AM PDT

Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller -- Judge Signs Off on Sweet Plea Deal

Brooke Mueller has just entered the courthouse to cop a plea in her cocaine possession case, and TMZ has learned the final terms of the deal that has already been approved by the judge.

-- The judge will dismiss the charges of felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute and misdemeanor assault.

-- Brooke will plead guilty to cocaine possession -- less than 4 grams.

-- The guilty plea will be "deferred" -- translation ... if Brooke complies with the conditions of probation the plea will not be entered and the entire episode will be expunged (erased) from her record.

-- Brooke will be placed on 12 months probation and the case will be transferred to California, where she lives.

-- Brooke must continue her rehab.  She has already logged 105 days at Cirque Lodge in Utah and she's entered her "Step 2" program in L.A., which she must complete.

-- Brooke will get no jail time and will pay no fines -- just court costs.

The judge will formally accept the deal at today's hearing. All in all, a great deal for Brooke. Her attorney, Yale Galanter, sealed the deal with prosecutor Arnold Mordkin.

Everything went as planned. On her way out of court, Brooke said she's glad the case is behind her and she's looking forward to getting home to be with her kids (see below).