'Sandlot' Kid Near Death Hangover in Vegas

3/24/2012 3:25 AM PDT

'Sandlot' Kid -- Near Death Hangover in Vegas

One of the kids from "The Sandlot" triggered an all-out emergency at a Vegas hotel last weekend -- when a maid thought she found the guy dead in his room ... but there was one problem ... he wasn't.

Sources tell TMZ, it all went down the morning after St. Paddy's Day -- a housekeeper at the Wyndham Hotel entered a hotel room occupied by 31-year-old Marty York (aka Yeah-Yeah from the movie) and he appeared unconscious.

When the housekeeper tried to wake him, she couldn't. So, she called security, thinking York was dead.

The hotel called 911 and in-house medical staff rushed to the room -- only to find York was actually just hungover ... sleeping off a night off heavy drinking.
The real problem ... Marty slept through his checkout time. Yeah, yeah.