TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan I'm EATING, Not Clubbing!!!

3/29/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan -- I'm EATING, Not Clubbing!!

Lindsay Lohan made her first post-court appearance on TMZ Live ... and she was downright giddy about finally ending formal probation. You gotta hear LiLo explain why she was finally able to follow judge's orders -- and she also pleads her case about hitting nightclubs.

Plus, Michael Bay and Tyrese Gibson surprised us ... calling in to squash rumors they're in a legal feud. Also, wrestling legend Kurt Angle tells us how he's hunting down the creeps who scammed his mom out of $4k -- and a heated debate about ... Mitt Romney's garage? Yeah, we did that.

(0:30) Lindsay actually did it! She's off probation ... and the judge had motherly words of advice for her.
(6:45) A member of the family affected by Spike Lee's tweet calls in ... he says Spike called to apologize.
(11:00) Michael Bay and Tyrese call in to squash a ridiculous rumor being spread about them.
(14:10) Rihanna rips a reporter.
(17:01) "Idol" argument ... does Deandre suck? Compared to Elise's amazing Led Zeppelin cover ... yes.
(21:01) Kurt Angle calls in to talk about how his mom got scammed in the worst way.
(27:01) Lindsay Lohan is on the phone! She explains how she finally turned it around.
(32:01) The mother of gay 9-11 hero calls in to talk about how Carson Daly's rant was offensive ... but she forgives him.
(36:01) Mitt Romney's car elevator ... bad idea?