TMZ Live Ballas' Boozy Fight ... Something to Laugh About

4/6/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Mark Ballas' Boozy Fight with GF -- Something to Laugh About

TMZ Live

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Mark Ballas calls in to talk about the nuclear fight with his girlfriend that was caught on video. You gotta hear him explain how they made up ... it's a must see for any couple partying this weekend!

Plus, Lisa Lampanelli dials us up to rip Arsenio Hall for his insane "Celebrity Apprentice" meltdown. Also, the warning signs Amanda Bynes was headed for trouble -- and one TMZ staffer's awwkward moment with Jennifer Lopez!

(0:15) Mark Ballas' nuclear fight with his girlfriend caught on tape -- he calls in to explain what happened after the camera stopped rolling.
(4:10) Amanda Bynes' DUI bust -- an accident waiting to happen.
(10:01) Kim K's "Today" show appeance -- did she insinuate Ann Curry isn't a good interviewer ... right to Ann's face?
(14:30) Lisa Lampanelli calls in to rip Arsenio Hall for his "Apprentice" meltdown ... which she says was so crazy it actually scared her.
(20:50) Breaking news ... Warren Sapp is BROKE!
(25:10) "Texas Women" cast member's gnarly fist fight -- she's on the horn to talk about the beatdown.
(26:22) J.Lo's new music video featuring yet another boyfriend ... and how it was too racy for "Idol."
(35:05) Sarah Palin calls BS on Levi.
(43:10) Britney Spears has a new conservator!