Lindsay Lohan Drags Down 2 Judges

7/16/2012 4:15 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan Drags Down Two Judges

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Lindsay Lohan didn't just get herself in trouble during her never-ending courtroom hijinks ... two veteran judges have been disciplined for improper conduct while presiding over her criminal cases.

Judges Marsha Revel and Elden Fox had their wrists slapped by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. Revel crossed the line back in 2010 in the middle of one of her probation violation cases -- she met alone in chambers with former OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro, who was trying to represent Lohan. The judge should never have allowed Shapiro in her chambers without the prosecutor present.

As for Fox, you may recall during another probation violation hearing in 2010, Fox denied Lohan bail altogether -- something generally reserved for murderers and rapists. The judge's order was overturned the same day.

The discipline is minor -- but it's all part of the mess created by Lindsay Lohan.