Tyson Beckford $25,000 Runway Lessons For Rich Kids

8/24/2012 3:30 AM PDT

Tyson Beckford -- $25,000 Runway Lessons for Rich Kids


Supermodel Tyson Beckford's runway skills can now be purchased for $25,000 -- at least that's what some rich kid/aspiring model paid the guy recently ... to share his Zoolander wisdom.

The kid's name is Adam Sabbagh -- who you might recognize as the guy who purchased David Beckham's custom Porsche for $227,000 last year -- and we're told, the 26-year-old reached out to Tyson a couple weeks ago for some modeling pointers.

According to sources, Adam offered to pay Tyson $25,000 for his troubles -- and Tyson champed at the bit, agreeing to give Adam one coaching session at his NYC apartment on Wednesday in exchange for the fee.

We're told the class went off without a hitch, and now, Adam's hoping to land a modeling gig at NY Fashion Week next month.