Rodney King Autopsy Report Prompts Family Health Scare

8/26/2012 2:35 AM PDT

Rodney King -- Autopsy Report Prompts Family Health Scare


Rodney King
's family believes R.K.'s autopsy report contains a key piece of information about Rodney's health that could save their own lives ... and it centers around his heart.

A member of the King family tells TMZ ... the coroner explained how Rodney suffered from an enlarged heart before his death ... a condition that has grave consequences if left untreated.

While Rodney's heart condition wasn't the main cause of his death (see: drowning, cocaine, PCP, alcohol) multiple members of his family view the discovery of King's cardiomegaly as a "wake up call" to get themselves checked out.

One family member who didn't want to be identified tells us, "I never knew he had heart trouble. I am worried that I could be at risk as well and I'm making a doctor's appointment next week."

The family member adds, "I am going to pass the message to the rest of the family that we need to get checked up so we don't die young."