Kenny Loggins Takes Over Wedding EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE!

9/6/2012 3:55 PM PDT

Kenny Loggins Takes Over Wedding -- EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE [VIDEO]


Picture this ... you're celebrating your wedding day ... it's beautiful ... and just when you think it can't get any better -- KENNY FREAKIN' LOGGINS takes the stage to perform an impromptu version of "Footloose." 

Well, it happened ... and we got the video evidence to prove it.

It all went down a few weeks ago in Michigan -- sources tell TMZ, Loggins was invited to the wedding as a guest because he's friends with the bride's dad.

Kenny wasn't there to perform -- but we're told the bride's father made a special request for Kenny to kick off the party with a couple famous tunes ... and Kenny obliged.

It's awesome.

Someone should write this into a romantic comedy. Too late, it's our idea.