'MasterChef' Graham Elliot Ends Legal Battle w/ 14 Bitter Ex-Employees

9/16/2012 7:49 AM PDT

'MasterChef' Graham Elliot -- Ends Legal Battle With 14 Bitter Ex-Employees


"MasterChef" Graham Elliot has ended his beef with some bitter ex-waiters ... agreeing to settle the lawsuit they filed against him and now the culinary god has to fork over some cold, hard cash.

According to court docs, both parties came to an agreement earlier this month. The judge signed off on the settlement and terminated the case on the same day.

The docs say Graham will pony up a "fair" amount to his former employees, but it's unclear how much.

If you recall ... Elliot was sued by 14 former waiters from his self-titled Chicago restaurant who claimed he violated federal law by pooling their tips and then redistributing them unfairly to bussers, bartenders, and food runners.