Kate Middleton The Corporate Race TO THE FETUS!

12/6/2012 1:00 AM PST

Pregnant Kate Middleton -- The Corporate Race to the Fetus


Kate Middleton
is only a few weeks pregnant ... but already being SHOWERED with lavish gifts from tons of baby product companies ... all gunning for what could be the HOLY GRAIL of preggo publicity.

TMZ has learned ... Kate has already received swanky goodie-baskets from at least 4 U.S.-based baby product companies ... and presumably dozens, if not hundreds, more from around the globe.

The logic is simple ... Kate likes the goods ... uses goods ... is photographed with goods ... goods get WORLDWIDE publicity ... company makes a bloody fortune.

So far, we know Kate been sent kiddy learning programs from MyTalkingToddler.com ... morning sickness relief from a company called One Step Ahead ... and clothes and products from 2 high end L.A. baby boutiques.

We spoke to a rep for Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills ... who told us they sent Kate a $2,300 gift basket which included a new Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller (worth $978), a Fendi layette set ($265), Dior Booties ($275) and much much more.

Kate also got more than $1,000 in free baby swag from Flicka -- a high-end baby store owned by "General Hospital" star John Reilly. Management tells us they shipped over their "hot selling Choo Choo blankies" which have been worn by a whole bunch of celeb babies.

Guess Kate can cancel the baby shower ... unless Queen Elizabeth's just DYING to play "Guess the Due Date."