Jessica Simpson Preggo Rumors SOMETHING'S FISHY

12/13/2012 10:40 AM PST

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Rumors -- Something's Fishy

At first glance, this seems like an innocent photo of Jessica Simpson leaving King's Fish House restaurant in Calabasas yesterday ... ORRRRR ... is it irrefutable proof that she's ACTUALLY PREGGO WITH A 2ND CHILD?! Let's review the facts ...

Fact: Jessica Simpson was wearing a jacket that covered up her stomach, where babies most commonly grow.

Counter-Fact: It was pretty chilly in L.A. yesterday, so the jacket could have been to provide warmth.

Fact: Pregnant people aren't supposed to eat raw fish!!!

Counter-Fact: She may have eaten cooked fish.

Fact: We probably shouldn't make assumptions

Counter-Fact: It's REALLY FUN to make assumptions.