Richard Simmons RUN OVER By Wheel of Misfortune

12/28/2012 10:33 AM PST

Richard Simmons Run Over By Wheel of Misfortune


Richard Simmons
got flat-footed by a driver who, well, let's just say propagated an age-old stereotype.

Richard was outside his Hollywood Hills home Thursday -- chatting with passengers from a tour bus -- when a passing motorist squarely ran over his foot.

The driver -- ok, we'll say it -- an Asian man -- stops his car, walks over to the pained weight loss guru, and apologizes.

Check out what Richard does when the driver leaves.  Hilarious.

11:45 AM PT -- Apparently it was more serious than we thought. Richard's rep tells TMZ, the home fitness icon is currently at the hospital getting his injuries checked out. But the rep adds, "He will be fine."