Grumpy Cat Your Chariot Awaits

3/9/2013 4:30 AM PST

Grumpy Cat -- Your Chariot Awaits [PHOTOS]

In case you doubted how pampered Grumpy Cat really was this week in Texas ... TMZ has obtained photographic evidence of her lavish lifestyle ... replete with limo rides and king-sized beds.

The limo pic might be the best -- but you gotta see GC curled up on her very own king-sized bed ... it's ridiculous.

TMZ broke the story ... Grumps has been living the life in Austin this week where she's been shooting Friskies commercials -- endless steak dinners, bottled water, constant fluffing ... and raking in a 5-figure paycheck for all her hard work.

You'd think she'd look a little more grateful.