'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman Beach Pad Sells to Fans For $5 Million!

3/16/2013 10:55 AM PDT

'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman -- Beach Pad Sells for $5 Million!


"Dallas" star Larry Hagman's swanky L.A. beach house has been sold for a cool $5 million -- and TMZ has learned the lucky buyers, were big time J.R. Ewing fans.

The 3,029-square-foot Santa Monica penthouse hit the market back in January for $5.2 million -- just a few months after Hagman passed away​ -- but has already been snatched up.

We're told the buyers -- big time "Dallas" fans -- were interested in the place before they knew it was Hagman's, but when they found out he was the previous owner ... it was icing on the cake.

Our sources tell us, the new owners have big plans for TV star's former condo -- they've already met with builders to start remodeling ASAP .... specifically to open up the floor plan and modernize the slightly-outdated crib. (We're guessing the gold room went first).

As for scoring some cool "Dallas" memorabilia Hagman left behind ... we're told all that ended up with the actor's family. Bummer.