Savannah Guthrie FLIPS OFF Matt Lauer Your Vacuum Joke Sucks!

3/29/2013 6:20 AM PDT

Savannah Guthrie Flips Off Matt Lauer -- Your Vacuum Joke SUCKS!

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Matt Lauer definitely got the finger from co-host Savannah Guthrie this morning ... live on 'Today' ... only question is -- which finger?

During a segment on vacuum cleaners ... Matt cracked, "By the way this is the first time Savannah has ever used a vacuum."

Savannah apparently thought she was off camera when she fired off a one-finger salute in Matt's direction!

But wait ...

Savannah immediately hit her Twitter page to claim it was NOT the bird, and just her index finger.

She might have a point, but still -- considering all the crap Matt's been catching lately -- Savannah's intent is there, no?